Welcome to my Best Toaster Oven Reviews website. I have toaster oven reviews for all types of toaster ovens, including convection toaster oven, digital toaster oven, small toaster oven and of course, all the top toaster oven brands.

Do you know that when your croissants become charred, your toast is rock-hard instead of beautifully browned, or the pizza has cold centers, it’s all because your toaster oven is incompetent?

With the best toaster ovens you will never get problems like these (you can actually do a lot more), but with the worst ones you might get a kitchen fire instead. Toaster oven getting on fire and exploding is not uncommon so be sure to do research and get a good toaster oven instead of any cheap one.

I have tested and bought many toaster ovens over the years. I managed to find and own quite a few great toaster ovens by doing a ton of research, but not to say that I haven’t had any lemons.

Types of Toaster Ovens

Let’s decide which type of toaster oven is the one you need.

Small vs Large
Small toaster oven or large toaster oven? This question is not merely about the amount of space you can spare on your kitchen counter, but also about the amount of food you want to put into the toaster oven.

Small toaster ovens can range from the really tiny ones that fit only two slices of bread (only for toasting or reheating), to a compact ‘real deal’ that can perform higher functions like bake, broil, etc. Large toaster ovens can fit whole pizzas and cakes, and certainly has all the necessary functions to cook a meal.

Convection vs Non Convection
Put in layman’s terms, convection toaster oven is simply any toaster oven that includes a convection fan. The convection fan circulates the heat inside the toaster oven making food cook more evenly. No more cold centers or charred spots!

Circulated heat also meant that food will be cooked more quickly, and so energy is saved and we are slightly kinder to our planet. Of course, this extra feature comes with a price, so convection toaster ovens are considerably more expensive than those without convection.

Digital vs Non Digital
digital toaster ovennon digital toaster oven
Most toaster ovens still use simple dials to control the settings and temperature, and it seems that our moms never minded an ‘approximate’ approach to cooking and baking. Nowadays digital toaster ovens have a touch pad control with display to let you input the exact settings you want.

How to Choose the Best Toaster Oven

  1. Measure your counter space – Toaster ovens are usually the most space-consuming appliance on your kitchen countertop than other appliances, so consider the space you are willing to give up before getting one.
  2. Safety comes first – Look for safety features such as auto shutoff or timer that shuts the oven off when timed cooking ends.
  3. Removable and adjustable toasting racks and trays – Toaster ovens come with different combinations of racks and trays, usually one rack and one or two trays. Most of them can be adjusted to different toasting heights.
  4. Non-stick interior – Non stick makes the interior easier to clean, but some people are concerned about the non stick coating emitting toxic fumes while baking.
  5. More features – Some toaster ovens are only for toasting while others feature cooking modes such as broiling and roasting. A convection fan is not always available in the cheaper toaster ovens, but if you can afford it get this feature to save cooking time.

Toaster Oven Reviews – My Top Picks

Here are my top toaster ovens recommendations:

Anyway, I think different people have different needs, so my top pick might not be everyone’s, but as long as we get a toaster oven that doesn’t break down easily or toast badly, we are pretty much happy with our toaster ovens. You will find more updates and recommendations coming up in my blog below, and a list of the more popular posts on the right bar.

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Best Toaster Oven Brands

There are also a wide variety of brands to choose from. You will find top rated toaster ovens from:

Top Toaster Ovens

Here are some of the top toaster ovens:

Breville BOV800XL
Cuisinart TOB-195
Waring Pro TCO650
Hamilton Beach 31199R
Black & Decker TRO480BS

Why Toaster Ovens?

toaster ovenIt was years back when I first bought a toaster oven upon the recommendation of my friend. I still remember having doubts about the need of having a toaster oven in my kitchen because I was used to cooking on a gas stove and a built-in oven. However, my friend convinced me that with a good toaster oven I can be more efficient in my cooking and won’t heat up my kitchen so much with the full size oven. It wasn’t long after that I started to do some serious cooking with my toaster oven.

My first toaster oven was a mediocre one, not at all perfect. After it broke down a few months later, I went online in search of a better one that could last me longer, and that was the best decision I ever made, because there were scores of reviews and recommendations on the Internet! I searched high and low for the best toaster oven with good reviews, while keeping in mind my needs: easy to use, easy to clean, good looking and fits into my available kitchen space.

Nowadays toaster ovens have so many features compared to the old models. You can do just about anything from simple things (e.g. heating up a leftover meal or toasting bread) to serious stuff (e.g. broiling chicken or baking a cake) with the same toaster oven.

Toaster Ovens Guide

I have a higher expectation for my toaster oven after I read the toaster oven recipes cook book – The Gourmet Toaster Oven. Well, that’s another story. Anyway, in this site I will share my experience and reading about how to pick the right toaster oven for your home. More to come in my toaster oven blog soon.